Phil Cooper

Phil Cooper is a career Builder who got into the business in 1974 when he started his Carpentry Apprenticeship . Its been a life long passion being a Builder , what started out as a green horn on the construction site soon turned into an opportunity to build single family homes , townhome complexes , 4 storey wood framed apartments , single lot subdivisions , commercial projects and now an Industrial Land Developer / Builder . For the past 10 years Phil has focussed exclusively on Industrial developments and its his opinion that structures built entirely of concrete and steel are the best value for your dollar as they only appreciate over time and will last for centuries.

Phil is always on site , approachable and a very straight forward type of guy . He works and deals with all the various consultants , City officials , trades and the end users . ( Buyers and Tenants ) He fully understands what it means to be a small business owner and will always do his level best to help you get set up and operating.

Feel free to contact Phil at any time if you should want any more information regarding the North Kanaka Work spaces.